Frank Rotman

Co-Founder, Partner, and Chief Investment Officer

Frank Rotman

Frank is the mentor and investor I have always looked for in my career. His superpower is seeing things that most do not about 100 steps ahead. He understands how to take a super complicated idea and break it down in a simple way. He Is a great person, brilliant, and is on the ride for both the great times and the tough ones with the track record to back it up. I am honored to know him !

About Frank Rotman

Frank Rotman is a Founding Partner and the Chief Investment Officer of QED Investors.

His investment focus has been on emerging next-generation fintech and proptech companies. Frank was one of the earliest analysts hired into Capital One and he spent almost 13 years building and managing many of the company’s business units, credit organizations and operational areas.

Frank graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in Applied Mathematics (B.S.) and Systems Engineering (M.S.).

He writes prolifically on Twitter as @fintechjunkie and posts additional content frequently on and

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