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San Francisco, Calif.

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About Azibo

Azibo is the one-stop shop financial services platform for rental properties, providing a world-class platform for rent collection, banking, insurance, tenant screening, and more. Our simple, modern tech tools level the playing field and enable anyone to build wealth in investment properties — while making life easier for independent landlords, renters, property managers, and vendors. By leveraging data, automation, and innovation, we’re empowering everyone in the rental property ecosystem to save time, stay organized, and improve cash flow.

Azibo represents the future of banking by delivering a curated set of modern, digital banking products to a single customer segment instead of trying to be all things to all people. I’m impressed by the team’s experience across real estate, finance and tech and am thrilled to partner with Azibo to help landlords across the U.S. with their holistic banking needs.

Frank Rotman

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