The operators playbook: Opinions and thoughts from the QED collective

June 1, 2023

Video: The war for talent: retreating or worsening?

Has the war for talent mitigated? Is it as ferocious as it was during COVID? How does it differ between sector and stage? What can hiring managers and senior leaders do to ensure diversity is front and center?

May 24, 2023

Video: Future of Finance - Indian and Asian perspectives

Sandeep Patil shares how Asia's combination of technology talent and financial services talent has set the foundation for transformational fintech companies to thrive.

May 19, 2023

Video: Future of Finance - LatAm perspectives

Mike Packer discusses what we can learn from the global benchmark companies coming out of LatAm like Nubank, and he shares his thoughts on second-time founders, forward-looking regulators and the future of B2B innovation.