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October 24, 2023

In pictures: Fintech Demo Day 2023

QED Investors joined florces with Nyca Partners and Bain Capital Ventures to host the 2023 Fintech Demo Day at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

More than 400 senior leaders from banks, financial institutions and investors gathered to hear presentations from 30 of the top fintechs in the country.

Here's a look at the event, which concluded with a networking event and cocktail reception.

Fintech Demo Day

QED Portfolio Company Participants


Presenter: Kevin Trilli

About: Amount makes digital financial experiences that align with the way we live. The Amount platform enables banks and financial institutions to customize their retail banking experience within a profit-proven enterprise framework. Amount’s end-to-end retail banking platform supports account opening and account management solutions for a wide variety of consumer finance products.

Powered by the leading proprietary fraud and verification engine, Amount is driving the digitization of financial services by giving bank executives the toolkit they need to deploy market-leading solutions in a fraction of the time.

Quote: "Amount’s charter is to help financial institutions gain a performance advantage. The way Amount delivers this is through a Digital Origination and Decisioning SaaS platform."


Presenter: Miguel Fernandez

About: Capchase is a platform for recurring-revenue companies to secure non-dilutive capital. Founded in Boston, MA in 2020, the company provides financing by bringing future expected cash flows to the present day – thereby extending an immediate line of credit. Companies that work with Capchase are able to secure funding that is fast, flexible, and doesn't dilute their ownership.

Quote: "What we have done at Capchase is build a global revenue financing leader for SaaS companies. We allow banks to work with high-growth companies. We’re making bankers way more productive."


Presenter: Fernando Gonzalez

About: Coru is the leading financial coaching platform in Mexico, working to mitigate financial stress for people across all stages of their lives. The Coru platform offers personalized and actionable coaching to identify the cause of its users money troubles, create a personal wellness plan and support them on their journey to making better financial decisions.

Quote: "AI has changed the world already, and there have been many advances in cultural and language empathy. We are a tech startup fixated on the notion that empathy in technology is the ultimate frontier."


Presenter: Jeremy Zhang

About: The No. 1 employment API, Finch makes it possible to access org-wide directory, payroll and benefits data across 200+ payroll,HRIS and benefits systems — all through a single integration. As the world moves toward standardized, open and interconnected data systems, Finch provides the connective infrastructure underpinning the employment sector. Learn more about how Finch empowers innovators to access the global employment ecosystem at

Quote: "What we’re building is a programmable employment API. [Finch] allows you to say yes to any employer you’re selling to without having to build additional infrastructure."

Hello Alice

Presenter: Carolyn Rodz

About: Hello Alice connects small business owners to capital, networks and business services through a data-driven, machine learning platform that considers who they are and the business they're trying to grow.

Quote: "The reality is, over 99% of U.S. businesses are small and 85% of these companies feel like they aren’t getting the support from banks that they desire. Our promise to SMB owners is to come to Hello Alice, we’ll measure the health of the business and we will put you on a plan to improve it.”


Presenter: Brandon Arvanaghi

About: Meow is a banking and treasury management platform for venture-backed startups. From high-interest checking accounts offering up to $125 million of FDIC coverage, direct access to U.S. Treasuries to venture debt, Meow makes it easy for startups to securely manage cash operations while earning yield.

Quote: "Fintech is only growing in importance for banks. It’s a natural partnership.”


Presenter: Naré Vardanyan

About: Co-founded by CEO Naré Vardanyan and CTO Ilia Zintchenko, Ntropy believe that by turning data into leverage rather than a barrier is a gamechanger in financial services. While in recent years open banking and other financial regulations have made data more accessible, the problem of understanding this data to create real value remains largely unsolved.

This data powers decisions from credit scores to loan agreements and enables a variety of financial products that impact lives. Ntropy saw an opportunity to provide a developer-first and scalable platform that helps businesses make sense of their transaction data, for customers to benefit from in the future.

Quote: "We build language models to understand financial data at scale. Language models are the most universal way to get a human and superhuman understanding of financial data."


Presenter: Tomás Campos

About: Spinwheel helps Americans get out of debt sooner by embedding the payment, management and application of loans into the apps they use the most. Spinwheel is headquartered in Oakland, Calif., and was co-founded byTomas Campos and Tushar Vaish in 2019.

Quote: "Spinwheel transforms the way consumers engage with their finances and debt, and we do this in a way that removes all friction."

Treasury Prime

Presenter: Chris Dean

About: Treasury Prime is modernizing the banking system to deliver new value to everyone: consumers, businesses, financial technology companies, and banks. Banking services are no longer exclusive to banks. Fintechs are developing financial offerings to reach new markets and embedding banking services in their applications. They need a banking partner who can help them with the complexities of money transfer, risk mitigation, and access to a chartered bank’s infrastructure, so they can focus on what matters most: building their business.

For banks, these relationships bring new opportunities and channels to grow topline revenue and lower the cost of deposits. The Treasury Prime developer team has over 30 years of experience in the banking industry. Our easy-to-use API provides the scale and security required for the most sensitive and demanding applications. Treasury Prime is fully integrated into core banking systems so developers can launch new offerings in days, not months or years. The Treasury Prime ecosystem connects banks with fintechs and ensures that each partnership is strategically aligned so that both businesses can grow together.

Quote: "Treasury Prime provides an API that banks use to talk to fintechs, and fintechs use to talk to banks."


Presenter: Jordan Glazier

About: Wildfire Systems provides an enterprise platform which enables partners to embed social commerce, rewards, and cashback offerings within their existing services. Wildfire’s patented suite of technologies rewards online shopping and harnesses digital word-of-mouth, delivering enhanced user experiences, consumer loyalty, and new revenue streams for partners.

By harnessing word-of-mouth recommendations, Wildfire drives incremental revenue for over 30,000 online merchants including 1800-flowers, Dell, Macy’s, and Sephora. The company is based in San Diego and was founded in 2017.

Quote: "With Wildfire, users are able to earn money and save money wherever they shop. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like free money."

Networking event and cocktail reception