Naré Vardanyan, CEO, and Ilia Zintchenko, CTO


San Francisco, Calif.

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About Ntropy

Co-founded by CEO Naré Vardanyan and CTO Ilia Zintchenko, Ntropy believe that by turning data into leverage rather than a barrier is a gamechanger in financial services. While in recent years open banking and other financial regulations have made data more accessible, the problem of understanding this data to create real value remains largely unsolved. This data powers decisions from credit scores to loan agreements and enables a  variety of financial products that impact lives. Ntropy saw an opportunity to provide a developer-first and scalable platform that helps businesses make sense of their transaction data, for customers to benefit from in the future.

When we met Ntropy, we could tell they were onto a big idea -- carving a new path for machine learning and data privacy to coexist. When we invested, it was because the team could turn their tech into tools that help solve acute problems we've seen across our fintech portfolio. We made seven introductions to our companies and not only did all seven of those companies tell us that they’d be interested in testing, but two other companies in our portfolio heard about Ntropy through other channels and got access to Ntropy’s sandbox.

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