Chitresh Sharma, Apoorv Kumar.


Bangalore, India

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About Refyne

Refyne is India’s first Earned Wage Access (EWA) provider based in Bengaluru. The B2B2C company was founded in 2020 by Chitresh Sharma and Apoorv Kumar. Refyne partners with organisations to allow their employees - full-time and contractual - to access their real-time earned pay anytime before payday, enabling them to align their expenses with their income and build their financial stability. Refyne is an affordable and innovative financial product that can help users curb their dependence on costly credit schemes and prevent them from falling into debt traps. The company currently caters to more than 300,000 employees of over 100 companies in India. Its clientele includes Cars24, Rebel Foods, Hira Group, Chai Point, Wow! Momos, and others. Refyne is backed by leading global investors like QED Investors, Jigsaw VC, partners of DST Global, RTP Global, and XZY Capital.

Refyne is a powerful, pertinent financial solution created for the emerging middle class in the country. With Refyne, all employers can now empathetically and substantially stand by their teams in the hours of greatest need. Chitresh and Apoorv bring amazing passion, evident in their rapid progression from building the solution to being poised for exponential scale. I am excited to partner with them on this amazing endeavour.

Sandeep Patil

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