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San Francisco, CA

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About Apple Pie Capital

ApplePie Capital is a marketplace lender that provides a fresh new approach to franchise financing. We believe in the power of the franchise industry to create economic growth and jobs, and are committed to fueling that growth by bringing market participants together in a whole new way. ApplePie Capital is an online lender that focuses exclusively on the franchise industry and its growing $60B+ in annual debt capital demand.  ApplePie originates loans to small businesses supported by established franchise brands with proven performance history. Their marketplace enables franchise businesses to access capital and other financial and business services more efficiently, and unlocks this diverse asset class for investors to fuel economic growth and jobs in local communities. A couple of key metrics:

  • Originated $850M+ in loans across 200 brands since 2015
  • Strong partnership channel with 50+ franchise brand partners
  • Repeat borrower rate of nearly 30%
  • Robust and diverse network of capital providers.

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