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About Zibo

Zibo was founded by leaders across the real estate, financial services and technology industries to radically improve the financial services experience for independent landlords. Zibo’s one-stop-shop platform helps landlords manage all of their financial needs, including FDIC-insured banking, rent collection, loans and insurance. By providing digital tools and insights to streamline these notoriously opaque financial services, Zibo aims to help the market of 11+ million independent residential landlords save time, improve cash flow and grow their portfolio.

Zibo represents the future of banking by delivering a curated set of modern, digital banking products to a single customer segment instead of trying to be all things to all people. I’m impressed by the team’s experience across real estate, finance and tech and am thrilled to partner with Zibo to help landlords across the U.S. with their holistic banking needs.

Frank Rotman

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