Anupam Bagchi and Nihar Gupta


Mumbai, India

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About Upswing

At Upswing, our mission is to build a more efficient, customisable and inclusive infrastructure which will enable the next wave of innovation in financial services. Open banking is a reality of this decade and it needs robust, customisable and secure rails to run on. We want to leverage our experience to simplify the processes for consumer companies to integrate directly with banks to provide financial services to their customers.Our simple and powerful banking-as-a-service stack will help companies launch new banking products in weeks, not years.

We are thrilled to join Upswing on this journey. In the coming decade, consumer companies will ubiquitously offer banking and financial products. Upswing will be a vital ecosystem player providing consumer-centric solutions as well as the right compliance and security infrastructure. Anupam and Nihar bring deep sector experience and complementary expertise. We have no doubt that they will assemble an all-star team to tackle this vital mission.

Sandeep Patil

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