José Agote, CEO


Mexico City, Mexico

QED Investment:


About Mattilda

Mattilda is a Mexico City-based fintech/edtech startup aimed at becoming the financial partner and SaaS provider for private schools. Private schools in Mexico face volatile and unpredictable cashflows due to the erratic nature of tuition collections (many parents get behind on payments and catch up later on).

Mattilda’s initial core products are a guaranteed revenue solution and a lending product. With the guaranteed revenue solution, schools receive a monthly fixed payment and, in exchange, Mattilda takes over their invoicing and collection processes, bearing collection risks. On top of that, very few schools are able to secure credit lines from banks today, and that is where we step in - by managing the schools’ collections, we are able to lend the equivalent of three-, six- and up to 12 months of collections.

Additionally, Mattilda's SaaS solution makes it possible for schools to automatize their administrative processes and to understand the status of their finances at a glance. With access to our platform, technology-driven collection methods and our other financial services, we enable schools to leverage best practices, forget about administrative tasks, and dedicate themselves to doing what they like best, teaching the new generations.

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