Rohit Gajbhiye, CEO


Mumbai, India

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About LEO1

LEO1, a pioneering Edu-fintech company, transforms financial operations for educational institutions through its comprehensive Financial SAAS platform. Key modules include Rewards, Smart ID Cards, Fee Management, and Financial Literacy, collectively empowering institutions with streamlined fee collection, enhanced transparency, and real-time insights. Notably, LEO1 incentivizes responsible financial behavior by rewarding timely fee payments with LEO1 Coins, where each coin holds a value of one rupee. These coins can be redeemed across various platforms for discounts and vouchers, aligning with the broader mission of making education more accessible by potentially reducing or eliminating fees for students who consistently meet payment deadlines. This initiative not only addresses the institutional cash flow challenge but also contributes to the larger vision of fostering a cashless ecosystem within educational institutes and supporting the 'Digital India' initiative.

We are thrilled to back Rohit, Naveesh, Debi, Sunit and the team. FinancePeer's quest to leverage financial technology to deliver on important socio-economic and development objectives is more important today than ever. We were thrilled by the audacity of their vision, the energy, commitment and depth of the team, and the traction they are poised to drive in the marketplace. We can't wait to see what they will achieve next.

Sandeep Patil

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