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September 14, 2021


QED is incredibly excited to announce that we have just closed a substantially oversubscribed $1.05 billion fund. The capital includes $550 million in QED's Fund VII for early stage investing and an initial $500 million for our new growth fund.

The fundraise will allow QED to continue to do what it does best: to invest in early stage disruptive financial technology founders, while also allowing QED to double down and back break out winners from our portfolio.

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The digital step function is well and truly upon us, but QED is perfectly positioned to embrace the needs of the rapidly growing fintech ecosystem. As fintech specialists, QED has both the talent and the traction to thrive with the mistral winds at our backs, and the platform we've built gives both LPs and founders confidence that we'll do exactly what we say we'll do.

QED has come of age, and we're proud of what we've accomplished so far and we're bullish about what is yet to come. This is the most significant chapter in our 14-year story to date, but it is certainly not the last.

QED has exclusively invested in fintech since its inception in 2007 and has played a crucial part in the growth of some of today’s fintech behemoths including Credit Karma (QED led its Series A round in 2009), Remitly (QED led its Series A in 2014), Nubank (QED participated in its Series A in 2014) and AvidXchange (QED participated in its Series B in 2014).

QED has been a leader in the fintech investing community throughout fintech’s evolution, having guided and grown these companies and others through the ecosystem’s boom ­– globally, fintech investment was $928 million in 2008 and $105 billion in 2020.

-- "We didn't know if we'd be any good at investing." Nigel Morris looks back at the early days of QED. Read more here.

Things have never been better for QED and we thank everybody for that support and help over these last 14 years. We now have a Fund VII and a Growth Fund that gives us the dry powder to be able to make amazing investments and help portfolio companies ride the wind of digital transformation.

Since 2014, QED has invested in more than 150 unique companies across 13 countries. See for yourself how QED has expanded, including to the U.K. and Europe in 2012, to Latin America in 2014 and to India in 2021.

Investments by country

  • USA, 103
  • England, 13
  • Brazil, 12
  • Mexico, 12
  • Argentina, 2
  • Canada, 2
  • India, 2
  • Ireland, 2
  • Chile, 1
  • China, 1
  • Colombia, 1
  • Sweden, 1
  • Switzerland, 1
I really believe that our core competence in understanding fintech, understanding banking, understanding how to build and scale things allows us to be able to play in many different products or different segments -- early stage, later stage, different geographies. So this comes back to our core capability and having the ability to be able to flourish across the whole different sets of opportunities.

-- Nigel Morris, Managing Partner, QED

As fintech becomes more and more mainstream, entrepreneurs and investors are constantly being reminded that fintech is hard. There is no silver bullet to solve the myriad problems a founder can, and will, encounter across compliance, operations, tech and credit risk, but that is where QED's comparative advantage comes in hand.

Our team, now 17 investment professionals with more than 250 combined years experience as ex-operators, helps ameliorate against those different problems. By bringing to bear specific functional talent and the scars on our back of mistakes that we've made as operators, we can ensure today's entrepreneur don't make those same errors.

The past few years has been frenetic for new investments and our back book. QED boasts now a portfolio made up of some of the best fintechs on the planet, including 20 unicorns.

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