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June 1, 2021

A New Look For QED

QED has enjoyed a charmed life since we founded in 2007 – a growing team of 15 investment professionals, expanded geographical scope and 19 unicorn investments to our name – but until now, the look and feel of our brand has been the same. Today, we unveiled our new logo and website as part of a visual brand refresh.

Together, the improvements modernize the look and feel of QED Investors’ digital footprint while enhancing the world-class operator-turned-investor reputation for which we’re best known.  

The fintech VC world is constantly changing and we’re committed to leading the way. This brand refresh is just one part of it, and we’re excited for what the future holds. Together, we’ll continue to disrupt fintech and help founders achieve breakthrough growth. Our new website and brand brings us forward, keeping us aligned with the evolution of the market.

Our new website and brand brings us forward, keeping us aligned with the evolution of financial technology. The ecosystem is moving quickly and there are no digital deniers anymore, but there still is – and always will be – a premium placed on hard-earned advice forged through experience.

That’s what we’re so proud to showcase about QED Investors: a boutique fintech specialist that is as nimble, personable and founder-friendly as companies half its size, but a global player with the strength, reputation and connections as VCs twice as big.

The updates include aesthetic changes to typography and color palettes as well as functional improvements such as a jobs boardaggregating career opportunities with our portfolio companies.

The first thing you’ll notice is our new wordmark. An uppercase sans serif font with sharp edges, it’s both modern and stable, serving as a key anchor which is crucial to the development of our brand.

It’s a striking move away from the more formal previous design.But considering how much fintech has evolved since Nigel Morris and Frank Rotman co-founded QED back in 2007, we opted for a bold change to reflect the exciting, modern and fast-paced VC landscape in which we now operate.

The wordmark is used in conjunction with a three-color design scheme – a navy blue, sky blue and green – to create a visual identity that will be used consistently across our platforms and materials, from our new-look website and quarterly digital newsletter to our LinkedIn and Twitter social media accounts.

The navy blue, a staple of the QED brand from Day 1, remains the primary focus, complemented by a sky blue secondary color and a tertiary green accent. This updated color scheme, a quintessential component of our brand, simultaneously gives a tip of the cap to our heritage while moving the organization forward and adding a splash of character. 

The brand refresh also includes new typography and photography that will be used to evoke a personal feeling of who QED is and further position us as The Fintech VC – welcoming, inclusive and striving to provide the best advice in financial technology though a hands-on, data-driven approach. 

Our website better speaks to our unique superpower as both operators and investors, and it showcases the incredible portfolio companies that serve as a proof point of our collective strengths and of our commitment to our CEOs.

The core pillars of the company – such as maintaining a focus on unit economics and, to use a soccer analogy, playing the full 90minutes – are highlighted throughout the website. And the history of the organization is shared in a compelling way that traces the company’s roots fromNigel creating the first fintech – Capital One – to present day.

Every part of the design – the iconography, shape elements, spacing and layout – helps create our visual language that will be instantly recognizable across any use case 

There are updated bio pages for our investments and operations teams and a refreshed blog that gives readers a more wholistic sense of who QED is, what is on our minds and the way we think and act. 

Our partners and principals speak to our investments across sectors and geographies, and the CEOs of our portfolio companies share unique insights into why founders like to love us.

We’re also excited to unveil a new job board that features more than XXX open positions across our portfolio companies. This page serves as a one-stop-shop for exceptional people looking for extraordinary careers, curated by industry or location to make sure you never miss an opening when you’re looking for your next move.

Whether you’re a first-time founder looking for the best advice in fintech or someone simply looking to learn more about what makes QED the preeminent fintech VC, there’s something for everyone. To learn even more, follow us on LinkedIn here or on Twitter here.