About Us

QED is the premier VC in the fintech space. We are operators well regarded for our expertise, engagement, and empathy. We invest in businesses that disrupt and empower.


Our Story

QED was founded on the principles of bringing fairness, transparency, and access to financial services.

Innovation and Operation is in our DNA

The genius of Morris and Fairbank was to burrow deep into the spending habits and lifestyles of these so-called prime customers to find the better bets, then offer them various rates based on their various risks.

Bernard Condon, Forbes, 2001


Nigel Morris (right) founded Capital One Financial with Rich Fairbank


Nigel leaves Capital One after founding it and bringing it public

Coming to Life

After leaving Capital One, the one thing we knew was the industry was ripe for disruption. Many of the same factors that led to the success of Capital One led us to believe that financial services were evolving. There was immense opportunity to see that through.

Frank Rotman, Partner QED Investors


Nigel, Frank and Caribou Honig found QED


QED led Credit Karma’s Series A round

Building QED’s Foundation

The team spent the previous few years leaning into the space and going to school on venture. When I joined the team in 2014, we were building out the foundational team and strategy and were well on our way to being top tier investors. This set the stage for where we are today.

Bill Cilluffo, Partner, QED


First investments in LatAm (Pitzi, NuBank, Guiabolso, Creditas)


QED raises money from external investors for the first time since its inception

The Model is Working

An undeniable truth 13 years since our inception, we have the three solid pillars a cutting-edge VC firm needs – Capital, a phenomenal top-notch team of investors and a robust pipeline. The wind is at our back and we have never been more excited to continue to invest in the founders who are bringing transparency and fairness to financial services.

Nigel Morris, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, QED


First dozen (a herd?) unicorns.

QED raises $350 M fund, the biggest fund to date, with most significant amount of external capital raised from top-tier LP base

QED expands to Asia

Credit Karma is acquired by Intuit for $7B.


Billion Under Management

$662 Million invested


Portfolio Companies


Countries invested in




Investment Professionals

Feedback is very important to us at QED. That’s why we regularly 360 ourselves to learn how we can be the best partners to our portfolio companies. Some of this feedback is below.

The great thing about QED is that they deeply understand our business and are excellent thought partners. The team is happy to meet as frequently as we need and I've rarely done a meeting with anyone from the partnership where I didn't feel afterwards that I learnt something. They ask better questions than other VCs, have better insights and are more engaged in the details. The quality of advice is excellent and I would rate that aspect of our relationship as an A+. I could not be happier with them as thought partners on this journey.

QED has been extremely valuable to us in business development, playing a major role in helping us build our sales pipeline through warm introductions. The help has come from a number of different partners at QED - we truly do have access to the full team not just the partner who sits on our Board.

They have a unique ability to make me think even further about strategy and yet feel like they are a partner where I can discuss day to day matters. I appreciate their operative background since one of the team has been in my shoes before - as an entrepreneur or corporate employee. I always end any meeting with QED thinking and thinking about the conversation. They go to the fourth derivative, not only staying in the second. I really appreciate their candidness, personability and eagerness to help us entrepreneurs.

Our Philosophy

On their own, small hurdles are often easy to overcome. But stacked together, many small hurdles can present an overwhelming challenge, even for the best founder. We call this .8^5. It’s our job to help companies improve their chances of success.

We have been told our portfolio company founders and CEOs “like to love” us. As consiglieres, we are happy to hear it. Learn more about our approach to partnering here.