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Frank Rotman

Web2 companies start with product. Web3 companies start with community.Why building community first is a powerful strategy: 🧵👇

April 7, 2022

Frank Rotman

A crypto mortgage? Is it possible? 🤨

Web3’s potential has been building for years as it aims to correct major flaws with web2 constructs.

But for many ideas, web3 Founders might have to build web2.5 versions first.

Crypto mortgages fall into this camp: 👇🧵

March 19, 2022

Frank Rotman

I’ve been spending a lot of time interacting with “base of the pyramid” buyers of NFTs in Discord groups, Spaces sessions and 1:1 conversations.

Across people and projects I’m hearing a strikingly similar narrative.

Here’s why I believe the NFT phenomenon is what it is today.👇

February 17, 2022

Frank Rotman

Being new to crypto means making costly mistakes.

I’m not scared to share 11 of the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

Please cry with me: 🧵👇

February 12, 2022

Frank Rotman

The Web3 community embraced my thread on the “House Money Effect”.

I’ve now seen something else that the community will appreciate: “Becoming Velocitized”.

A few thoughts on velocitization (what it is and why it matters):

January 31, 2022

Frank Rotman

The past week was brutal for anyone holding stocks or crypto. Everything corrected and then corrected more. 💥😵💫💥

Some voices are shouting “buy the dip” while others are predicting the beginning of “a crypto winter”.

My framework for thinking about “corrections”: 🧵👇

January 22, 2022

Frank Rotman

After spending 2 months in the web3 world, I’m convinced the community is tackling some of the biggest and most foundational problems of our generation.

But solving these problems isn’t simple nor is success guaranteed.

A short thread on “solving challenging problems”: 🧵 👇

January 17, 2022

Frank Rotman

It’s been 6+ weeks since taking the Red Pill and what’s impressed me the most is the energy and talent pouring into the space.🤯🤯🤯

And I can truly say that it’s undeniable that there’s a common superpower at the heart of everything web3!

The superpower:🧵👇

January 3, 2022

Frank Rotman


There’s a lot of fanfare surrounding the lending volume flowing through DeFi rails.

Something interesting is happening: Almost $50B has been locked in DeFi lending vaults REALLY quickly.

Get your popcorn out...Red Pill "Week 5" thoughts on DeFi lending: 🧵👇

December 22, 2021