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Frank Rotman

The world is undeniably a different place than it was a few years ago. There’s been a profound shift in people’s preferences, especially when it comes to “work”.

We’re quickly entering a change or die moment so ignoring the Zeitgeist of society is akin to playing with fire. 🧵👇

March 31, 2022

Yusuf Ozdalga

Founders worry more about the war for talent than they do wars or Covid.

In a recent LinkedIn survey, I asked founders and the fintech community at large what they saw as the greatest challenge in the new year.

Whereas only 6% of respondents picked Covid as the top challenge, an overwhelming 48% pinpointed the war for talent as their top concern.

February 1, 2022

Frank Rotman

Are you responsible for leading a stressed-out and overworked team?

Do you want to become a better Leader and create some breathing room? 🧵👇

October 28, 2021

Frank Rotman

There’s a lot of chatter recently about #Fintechs not wanting to hire people with traditional #Banking backgrounds and traditional #Bankers pointing out how short-sighted this is. It’s a complex topic that’s worth unpacking. 👇

April 30, 2021

Frank Rotman

It’s widely believed that “grit” is one of the most important characteristics of highly successful people. I have an emerging (and controversial view) that the YOLO investing behavior that we’re seeing is directly attributable to a societal reduction in grit. Unpacked:

February 2, 2021

Frank Rotman

Many #Startup CEOs struggle to redefine their own role as their company scales. I’ve been asked by startup CEOs many times: “What should my job be?” What follows is a framework I’ve used to guide various CEOs through the evolution from a “Small Team CEO” to a “Proper CEO”:

November 19, 2020

Frank Rotman

Of all the questions I’m being asked on recent diligence calls about our companies, the most common is “What are the skills/gaps of the Founder(s)?” Given COVID, this has become an important topic so I thought it would be worth sharing how I think about the issue. Unpacked:

October 26, 2020