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Yusuf Ozdalga

Buy-now-pay-later is not the same as traditional lending.

Used successfully, BNPL creates a rare win-win-win for consumers, merchants and banks.

When you deviate from what makes it unique, a cascading failure takes place and everything breaks down.

Here's why it is important.

June 9, 2022

Frank Rotman

A crypto mortgage? Is it possible? 🤨

Web3’s potential has been building for years as it aims to correct major flaws with web2 constructs.

But for many ideas, web3 Founders might have to build web2.5 versions first.

Crypto mortgages fall into this camp: 👇🧵

March 19, 2022

Frank Rotman


There’s a lot of fanfare surrounding the lending volume flowing through DeFi rails.

Something interesting is happening: Almost $50B has been locked in DeFi lending vaults REALLY quickly.

Get your popcorn out...Red Pill "Week 5" thoughts on DeFi lending: 🧵👇

December 22, 2021

Frank Rotman

It’s been fun learning in public. I could write hundreds of tweets each week about my crypto journey. Instead, I’ll do my best to be topical and synthesize my learnings.

Today’s topics: DAOs, NFTs and Lending.

December 6, 2021

Frank Rotman

We’ve seen a few $10B+ lending companies emerge from the fintech ecosystem in the past few years. We’ve also seen a few fintech lenders meltdown in the public markets.

Are lending companies VC backable? Thoughts plus a framework to answer this question👇

June 29, 2021

Frank Rotman

We all know that Small Businesses are important to our communities. We also know that minority owned Small Businesses don’t have equal access to capital and tools. Is this solvable? Curious to hear about a company working on this challenge? Read on!

June 14, 2021

Frank Rotman

Yesterday @QEDinvestors announced our investment in @GetCapchase and we couldn’t be more excited. The space is white hot with big rounds being announced recently by @pipe and @clearbanc (among others). Curious why so much capital is flowing into the space? A thread: 👇

June 5, 2021

Frank Rotman

One of the biggest innovations in Banking came with the invention and deployment of ATM machines.  The technology is just over 50 years old and now over 10 billion transactions happen through ATMs each year in the US.

December 21, 2020

Frank Rotman

What the heck is going on with the #fintech ecosystem’s obsession with Neo-Banks? Do they actually make sense in the US? Traditional Bankers say “absolutely not”. I say “they can”. Unpacked:

October 16, 2020