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Frank Rotman

Frank Rotman

Here are six observations about people's behaviors that amaze me because they make no sense.

Does anyone care to shed light on these topics?

A very short 🧵 👇

July 15, 2022

Frank Rotman

It’s widely believed that “grit” is one of the most important characteristics of successful people.

After 8 months in the web3 space I have a view that many of the problems in the NFT ecosystem are directly attributable to a lack of grit.

A few controversial thoughts: 🧵👇

July 6, 2022

Frank Rotman

Founders can be stereotyped into one of two general profiles.

In today’s funding environment one profile is likely to survive and thrive while the other will struggle and possibly die out.

Which are you? 🧵👇

June 17, 2022

Frank Rotman

Compound interest is a powerful principle.

Compound learning is even more powerful.

The most successful people in life understand this. A few thoughts: 🧵👇

June 12, 2022

Frank Rotman

It's time for CEOs to revisit the age old question:

"Are you a good wartime CEO?"

Not all CEOs are. A very short thread👇

June 7, 2022

Frank Rotman

If you’re an investor in stocks, crypto or NFTs, you’ve probably heard the word “alpha” thrown around.

What is it and does it really exist?

A few thoughts on “alpha” and a specific type of “alpha” that's been used to generate outsized returns. 🧵👇

May 24, 2022

Frank Rotman

🚨It's finally here🚨

Curious how VC Funds are evolving to reflect the recent changes in the LP and Startup ecosystems?

"The Three-Body Problem: Finding the New Stable Points in Venture Capital" is finally here.

Read on for links: 👇

May 20, 2022

Frank Rotman

Have you ever used a product and wondered how the business behind it is making money?

The answer should be obvious for financial products so when it’s a mystery you better watch out.

Here’s why this matters in #crypto and #DeFi in particular: 🧵👇

May 18, 2022

Frank Rotman

Are you a “Chip and a Chair” Founder? Are you a “Chip and a Chair” VC?

How much fight do you have in you?

A few thoughts on what it means to stick it out when times are tough: 🧵👇

May 3, 2022