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Frank Rotman

Every business has a core function. Some businesses make athletic shoes while others make wide screen televisions.

What’s become clear over the past week is that many people don’t understand what Banks actually do.

A simplified explanation if you're interested:🧵👇

March 16, 2023

Yusuf Ozdalga

The rapid erosion of value in SVB's bond portfolio made plain the power of math and markets and how they can turn against you like an unexpected flash flood.

Here is a simple explainer on basic bond math that is good to know even if you are not a bank CFO.

March 14, 2023

Frank Rotman

Mark Twain once said:

“When everyone is looking for gold, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.”

What does this look like in crypto? 🧵👇

January 24, 2023

Frank Rotman

Many companies went through a major layoff in 2022. Many more will reduce their staff in 2023.

When the dust settles, businesses will be leaner but challenges will still remain.

Here's a valuable checklist for survivors:🧵👇

December 16, 2022

Frank Rotman

Founders are busy re-structuring their operating plans to reduce burn.

A reduction in burn almost always slows growth which #VCs will interpret as a negative signal.

The result is confusion and loads of bad advice.

Is this a solvable problem? 🧵👇

November 5, 2022

Frank Rotman

The #1 responsibility of a Founder is to make sure their company doesn’t run out of cash, but raising capital in today’s market is TOUGH.

Here’s a quick framework for determining how challenging it will be for a #startup to raise new #VC capital.

Is your #startup ready? 🧵👇

October 25, 2022

Frank Rotman

Gigantic businesses can be created when an amazing Founding team focuses its attention on a rock-solid business idea that’s perfectly aligned with an emerging mega trend.

This is what #Founders and #VCs live for.Curious what this looks like for a 15-month-old company?

October 21, 2022

Frank Rotman

#VCs and #startups are dealing with the reality that today’s environment is brutal compared to what it’s been like over the past few years.

The reason for the abrupt shift is that Darwin went on vacation for a few years but has finally returned.

This changes EVERYTHING! 🧵👇

October 10, 2022

Frank Rotman

Failing isn’t fun. Failing in public is worse.

Founders do it. Investors do it. Athletes do it. It's incredibly common.

So what happens when you take risks in public and there’s evidence that you're on a path to failure?

Most people handle it poorly. A few thoughts: 🧵👇

September 28, 2022