Maya Dadoo, CEO


Mexico City, Mexico

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Bill Cilluffo

About Worky

Worky is an all-in-one HR software and payroll platform for Mexican SMBs. Through Worky, a company can automate employee files, PTO management, recruiting, evaluations, payroll, employee benefits, and more. Using the wealth of employee centric and performance information generated through its software, it can better serve employees and offer fairer and more relevant financial products.

Across geographies, we believe SMBs should have better tools to connect with their employees, pay them on or before ‘payday,’ and offer benefits that drive loyalty and improve people’s financial lives. . Not only is the opportunity vast, but the team led by Maya Dadoo is one of a kind. We’re excited to partner with Worky to build the best HR software and employee benefits suite for SMBs in Latin America.

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