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San Francisco, CA

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Bill Cilluffo

About Tribal

The startup economy is booming in emerging markets, but the banking infrastructure that should support it is broken. A huge gap exists between the financial services offered and what startups really need. We’re here to bridge that gap. From struggling to open bank accounts to obtaining business credit cards and making cross-border payments, we understand the financial pain startups are dealing with. All existing traditional banking processes, interfaces and underwriting methods don't meet your needs. That’s where our fintech solution comes in. We developed a proprietary AI-driven approval process to underwrite and better serve startups in emerging markets. Our strong founding team of serial entrepreneurs, data scientists and fintech execs have built and led startups in both emerging markets and the US. nspired by fellow founders building amazing things all over the world, we’re on a mission to power your startup growth and help you scale.

Tribal has had strong traction in Mexico, with adoption from fast-growing startups across the country, including many companies within our own portfolio. Through the combination of a unique product and an incredibly talented team passionate about solving a real problem, it's no surprise that Tribal has quickly become an innovative disruptor in a red-hot market.

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