Daniel Demetri, CEO


San Francisco, Calif.

QED Investment:


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About Trellis

Trellis is the internet technology company providing secure, digital solutions that help consumers get the most value from their insurance. Trellis makes it easier and safer for insurers and non-insurers to acquire and delight customers with streamlined, personalized experiences, offers, and services. Investors in Trellis include QED Investors, General Catalyst and NYCA Partners.Trellis operates as an all-remote workforce with staff distributed across the U.S.

Trellis has made incredible progress in removing friction from the insurance-buying experience. We are moving toward a world where consumers can seamlessly switch insurance providers, and Trellis' technology is enabling these new customer journeys. Daniel and his team are executing their vision flawlessly, demystifying the process and saving people money at the same time.

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