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New York City

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About OatFi

OatFi is a New York-based fintech company founded by Mike Barbosa and John Jordan in 2021. OatFi provides the end-to-end infrastructure for B2B payment platforms to embed and monetize working capital tools. OatFi is committed to leveling the playing field for SMBs while enabling SaaS platforms to better distribute credit solutions without taking on credit risk.

While net terms and invoice factoring have existed for a long time, rarely do both solve the cashflow needs of suppliers and their customers. With B2B payments coming online, OatFi is able to unlock the critical data that its bill pay and invoicing partners finally have in digital form to offer automated, instantaneous working capital to businesses on both sides of every B2B transaction. We’ve enjoyed working with Mike and John and seeing their incredible progress over the past year and QED is thrilled to lead OatFi’s Series Seed round.

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