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Oakland, Calif.

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About Mynd

Mynd democratizes access to real estate investing by combining deep technology and industry expertise to provide a revolutionary, institutional-grade platform that enables anyone to buy, manage or sell Single Family Rental (SFR) properties across the United States. Headquartered in Oakland, California, Mynd currently manages over 9,000 units in 25 markets. Mynd is rallying the next generation of investors, unlocking the ability to participate in the real estate economy in new ways, scaling ownership and building generational wealth.

Mynd is redefining who can and should be a real estate investor, and how they manage those investments. Their easy-to-use technology will quite literally open doors to a new generation of savvy property owners and trustworthy residents,” said QED Investors partner Chuckie Reddy. “We’re looking forward to reshaping the American dream of homeownership together, unlocking the opportunity for more individuals and families to take advantage of the single-family rental asset class in their financial planning.

Chuckie Reddy

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