Milo Credit


Josip Rupena, CEO


Miami, Fla.

QED Investment:


QED Champions:

Bill Cilluffo

About Milo Credit

Milo is a financial technology company that is reimagining the way global consumers access financial solutions in a borderless world. We are passionate about driving the transformation of financial services, solving real problems, and making a meaningful impact in people’s lives. At Milo, we are building amazing digital solutions to Unlock What’s Possible. Milo has built the leading home lending solution for global consumers. By building our technology stack from the ground up and bringing on a world-class team, we have already lent out millions of dollars to amazing consumers.

Global consumers' financial needs are constantly evolving, creating a demand for unique and flexible solutions that support them in reaching their goals and achieving financial wellness. We're excited that Milo is at the center of this transformation and that QED can play a supporting role.

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