Guia Bolso


Thiago Alvarez, CEO


Sao Paolo, Brazil

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Bill Cilluffo

About Guia Bolso

GuiaBolso is Brazil’s leading personal finance platform, with over 1M users and the #1 free Finance app in the AppStore. GuiaBolso’s credit marketplace helps consumers pay less interest by matching them with loans suited to each user’s financing needs. Mobile-first and with a user base that would make it Brazil’s 7th largest bank in terms of number of customers, GuiaBolso has become the place where people turn when they think about their money.

Thiago and Ben have been thought leaders in Brazil’s open banking transformation for years. Started by building the most downloaded consumer app for personal finance, Guiabolso is now the leading platform for businesses to tap into the power of open banking to drive better experiences and products for their customers.

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