Angel Peña, CEO, Alex Wieland, COO


Mexico City

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About Aplazo

Aplazo is a modernpayment network that offers payment solutions and merchant tools to helpmerchants sell more and grow their brands. With Aplazo, merchants can offerinstallment payment plans to 88 percent of the Mexican population who don’thave access to credit cards and can’t pay in installments and instant paymentsthat result in more than 60 percent of savings in processing fees to merchants.Aplazo merchants have access to a marketing tech stack and AI tools that aredesigned to eliminate many of the drop-off points in commerce to better runtheir business.

We are incredibly excited to partner with Aplazo on the journey to become the preferred payment solution in Mexico. The company has made great progress in recent years, including delivering sustainable unit economics with a laser focus on the customer experience. Angel and Alex have surrounded themselves with a world-class team that we believe is just scratching the surface on the consumer and merchant payments opportunity in Mexico.

Mike Packer

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