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São Paulo-SP, Brazil

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About Amparo

Amparo supports bereaved families as they navigate the operational, financial and emotional complexities following the loss of a loved one. By harnessing technology, Amparo streamlines the coordination of care, relationships and transactions, offering a foundation of support during challenging times. In collaboration with hospitals, employers, insurers and funeral plan providers, Amparo not only ensures that individuals facing loss are met with a humane, dignified and timely experience but also enhances the key performance metrics of its business partners, creating mutual value in their shared mission of support.

I strongly believe in Amparo’s potential to increase transparency and access to fair financial services while empowering grieving families in the face of what they go through once a loved one is gone. The multiple transactions, bureaucracies, and black box processes in Brazil are complex to navigate if you have a team behind you and primarily impossible if you don’t. Many give up because it is costly and confusing. Amparo’s team is cracking the code to help in a scalable way. Simplifying it all sounds like a no-brainer solution because it should be. Amparo’s team is early in their development, but the feedback from customers and partners is encouraging!

Camila Vieira

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