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April 18, 2022

Whitepaper: Best practices in bank-fintech partnerships


QED Investors and Boston Consulting Group are excited to share our co-authored whitepaper on the case for bank-fintech partnerships. Download the full paper below.

Banks have come to recognize that fintechs are neither a passing fad nor a mortal enemy. They must now determine what form their relationships will take: competitor, partner or a combination of both.

Those who successfully select and integrate fintech offerings to fill product gaps, improve customer engagement, drive operational efficiencies and generate incremental revenue will have a potent advantage over those who opt simply to coexist alongside fintechs.

Check out our new whitepaper looking at the case for successful bank-fintech partnerships co-authored with Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

- What are the best practices that banks need to keep top of mind when they're considering partnering with fintechs?

- Most fintechs started out as monolines, but many are now expanding their offerings to become full-service providers. What impact will this have?

- Categorizing fintechs in one of three buckets: direct competitors, adjacent competitors and enablers. There's not just a terrific opportunity for enablers, but also among adjacent competitors.

- The barriers to bank-fintech partnerships and the opportunities for success.

View and download the presentation here