Hayden James, CEO


Vancouver, Canada

QED Investment:


About Fraction

Fraction is a fintech company offering a digital platform that provides socially conscious financial solutions. Fraction’s signature product empowers homeowners by enabling them to access the value locked in their homes without the need to make monthly payments, take on a new mortgage or erode their home equity. Clients can use the equity in their homes to increase their monthly income, buy a second home, trade an existing mortgage for one without monthly payments, and more. Fraction’s network of partners - financial advisors and mortgage brokers - can work with Fraction to provide their clients with an innovative and consumer-friendly mortgage alternative. Fraction is committed to using technology to create financial solutions that are fair for everyone.

We are really excited about the innovative yet simple product design of Fraction. The team is focused on taking the friction and hassle out of accessing home equity. We are very excited for Fraction’s expansion into the U.S. market and building a seamless experience for their customers. Hayden and the founding team quickly developed product-market fit and we’re thrilled to partner with them as they continue to scale and use technology to solve the pain points of hundreds of home owners.

Chuckie Reddy

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